7 Tips For DeWalt Planer DW733 Troubleshooting To Know

dewalt planer dw733 troubleshooting
dewalt planer dw733 troubleshooting

DeWalt is definitely one of the best brands that you can possibly get your hands on for any of the needs that you might have.

They allow you to have the perfection of durability, efficiency, and power at the same time, so you are not going to face a single problem with the work.

Every expert knows that DeWalt is one of the best brands when you’re looking for premium quality and efficiency.

Furthermore, the price point here is not out of range, unlike some of the other options on the market.

So, you will be able to stick with a decent budget while still getting the exceptional quality and durability offered by the DeWalt system.

DeWalt Planer DW733 Troubleshooting

It all comes down to how you’re planning on developing your kit, and sticking with DeWalt might just be the best decision you can make as a beginner. 

This also helps you eliminate any chances of downtime with the work.

DeWalt Planer Dw733 is one such planner that you get to enjoy, and if you are looking to have any of the issues fixed on this, here are a few cool tricks.

  1. Clean It Off


Dust particles and gunk build-up on the planer are always a mess, and they might be causing you to face the problem with the planner getting jammed, not pulling the wood inside, or there might be some other problem that you might have to face on it.

So, the first thing that you need to try out is to ensure that you are cleaning it off properly to get rid of all such problems.

You can use a blower or some other cleaning technique and clear any sawdust that might be there.

  1. Restart It


At times, the DeWalt Planer Dw733 might not be working due to a number of problems and issues with voltage or some other reason.

However, the most common and easiest solution to getting rid of the issue is to restart it once properly.

In order to perform a restart efficiently, you will need to ensure that you are pulling out the power cord off the planer once, and after that, you will have to keep it unplugged for a few minutes.

Afterward, you can plug the power cord back into the Planer, and that will help you out properly to ensure that you don’t have to face any such issue with the planer as there was earlier.

  1. Circuit Breaker

circuit breaker

The best thing about the DeWalt Dw733 Planer is that it has a circuit breaker that will allow you to enjoy the best possible security.

In case there is some sort of voltage fluctuation or short circuit, the circuit breaker will automatically be tripped.

That is why you will need to ensure that you are checking on it if there is some sort of problem you are facing with the planner.

If the circuit breaker is tripped due to some reason, you will need to ensure that you are getting it fixed, and that will help you to avoid any inconveniences and problems for good.

  1. Adjust Depth


There is no deficiency of complaints where the owners will be complaining about the Planer taking off too much material.

Even beginners know that you can’t reverse the situation when the chunk has been removed from the material. So, it is always best to undershoot the desired thickness to get a rough idea.

If you are in a situation with the Planer taking off too much material from the wooden piece, then you need to look at the depth adjustment.

That might seem like a simple task, but it can be hard to manage when you’re using the system for the first time.

So, we suggest that you go through some video guides and start decreasing the depth by a small margin to get a better idea.

You will only have to rely on trial and error to get through the final fix. There are no easier methods here, and you will have to test out the unit accordingly. 

Once you’ve found the right depth calibrations for your unit, you will not have to deal with the same errors.

It all comes down to your experience with the unit, and you will not have to deal with more errors down the road if you fix the unit properly.

5. Check Knives


Sometimes, reduced performance from the planer can be linked to the damaged or dull knives installed in the system.

You can’t expect any performance out of the device when the knives are dull. So, you will have to get through a replacement to address these errors.

There are no quick fixes here, and the best thing that you can do is to remove the knives.

It might take a few seconds at best, but you will be able to avoid more errors down the road. Just be sure to remove all power from the Planer before you try to change the knives.

Otherwise, you will lose a finger or two when trying to manage the system. So, be sure to turn off the power and then install the new knives to get the desired efficiency from the device.

In most conditions, the issue will be fixed right here. However, one mistake that owners make is that they will start to sharpen up the worn knives and then install those again in the machine.

That might sound like a good idea, but you’re only setting yourself up for failure. The best thing you can do is to grab a fresh piece and stay away from older knives.

These are not that expensive, and trying to sharpen the old knives will only hold you back. Hopefully, it will be pretty easy to address the situation from there.

6. Level Table Extension

Next, you might notice some owners complaining about the table extension coming out of balance after extensive use.

This is because the pressure put on the extension will slightly bend it out of shape, and you will have to level it again.

Otherwise, you will notice a sharp decline in the efficiency of the unit, and feeding more material will become increasingly harder.

So, all that you need to do here is to level the table extension and then go about fixing the unit accordingly. Hopefully, it will not be that big of a hassle to address the issue.

All you have to do is to loosen up the jam nuts and then get a level as you fix the extension.

Make sure that the support bolts are in the proper orientation and that there is no slack in the system.

dewalt planer

From there, you can go about checking each segment with the level and adjust the support bolts accordingly.

It will take a bit of time if you’re managing the device as a beginner. However, after a few minutes of trial and error, you will get a better understanding of the process.

You can also get some pointers by asking an expert, and he will show you firsthand how to level the extension. 

There is simply no point in trying to go through all of these fixes on your own.

It will take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours if you’re going at the solution blind without any previous knowledge. So, save your time and ask an expert.

7. Consult the Manual

user manual

While you can pretty much figure out the issues, if you are getting any such strange issues or problems on the Planer that you are unable to comprehend, it would be better for you to consult the manual.

That will help you to ensure that you are figuring out what the issue is. Not only that, but it will also be letting you fix the problem in the right manner to not have it again.

Wrapping Up

The majority of issues with the DeWalt Planer DW733 can be fixed by keeping track of the maintenance cycle and proper storage.

If there is too much humidity or moisture in the air and you don’t clean the system, gunk will slowly develop on the pivot points, and you will notice a decrease in efficiency.

From there, it is only a matter of time before the unit starts to malfunction.

So, the best thing that you can do in this situation is to keep track of the unit’s maintenance, and that will make your job much easier.

On the other hand, if you do run into issues with the system, then be sure to follow this guide.

Nine times out of ten, you will be able to fix the device yourself. There is no need to worry about any excessive errors, hard-to-manage steps, or complex routines.


As long as the hardware is in good shape, you will have all the control in these situations. 

However, if the hardware is in rough condition, then you’re in a bit of a spot. Fixing a damaged unit can be impossible to fix on your own, especially if you don’t have expert knowledge.

So, the best thing that you can do is to reach out to the dealer and demand a replacement if the warranty is not void.

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