3 Ways To Fix DeWalt Impact Driver Trigger Problems

dewalt impact driver trigger problems
dewalt impact driver trigger problems

DeWalt is another US brand that is renowned for manufacturing the best tools that you can possibly get to have any job done. Their tools come with distinct yellow and black color schemes and that allows you to be enjoying the perfection of durability, efficiency, and portability at the same time. You get to enjoy a lot of benefits including the cordless tools that can be effectively charged and that would allow you to have the efficiency of enjoying the best of both worlds. Not only these cordless tools are portable and you don’t have to worry about access to a wall outlet with these, but you also get to enjoy the perfection of having ample power on them at the same time.

DeWalt Impact Driver is one such tool that will be helping you to ensure that you are not missing out on anything. Overall, the Impact Driver from DeWalt is quite impressive and durable and there is no such problem that you will have to face while you are using it for any of the working needs you might be having. However, there are some known issues that you might have to face with the trigger on your DeWalt Impact Driver. A few of these issues, that you might have to face are:

DeWalt Impact Driver Trigger Problems

1. Trigger Getting Stuck

The most common problem that you might have to face on the tools that you are working with on the construction sites is that they can get stuck due to dust accumulation on the trigger, or at times there can be some other reasons as well such as gunk build-up, having too much of the moisture on the trigger. That can be a problem since you will not be able to make the trigger work at all.

Cleaning is important for making sure that these tools can stay in the optimal condition, and keep working without causing you to face any issues either. So, if the trigger is getting stuck, it would be better for you to ensure that you are getting it cleaned up in the right manner and that will help you to make it work. If cleaning doesn’t help you out, you might have a broken trigger mechanism and you will have to fix it up and that will be helping you out to make it work in the right manner.

2. Releasing The Trigger Won’t Stop

Another common issue that you might have to face on the DeWalt impact drive trigger is the problem with the impact driver won’t stop as you have released the trigger and that would be causing you to have inconvenience as well since not only it will be causing you problems with the work, but it will also cause you to have the battery drained unnecessarily.

The problem is caused most of the time due to having some short circuit on the wiring and you need to inspect the wiring thoroughly if you are facing any such problems on the DeWalt Impact Driver that you might have. If the wiring is fine, and you don’t find any short circuit or broken wiring, you will need to look out for some possible signs of corrosion since corrosion on the connectors can also be one of the major reasons for you to face this problem. Once you get that cleared out properly, you will not have to face this issue with the Impact Driver not stopping once you release the pressure from the trigger.

3. Trigger Not Working

Lastly, a problem that you might have to face on the DeWalt Impact Driver trigger is that the trigger will be pressed just fine, but it will not make the impact driver work and that can be troublesome for you while you are making it work for any reasons. The reason could be caused due to a low battery and recharging the battery should be helping you out most of the times if that is the case.

However, if that doesn’t fix it up for you, you could be having the problem due to some other reasons such as broken connections to the trigger and you will need to fix that up as well. Checking on the wiring and fixing the trigger connections should be helping you out to sort the issue in the right manner.

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  1. My DW056 impact drill when trigger is pulled motor turns slowly and battery gets hot , I took it apart and hooked directly to battery, works great , is this a switch fault? this drill has recently been used very little .Can I buy a switch assembly ?


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