3 Common DeWalt DCH273 Problems Troubleshooting

dewalt dch273 problems
dewalt dch273 problems

Finding the right power tools can be a bit hard. This is especially true when you’re new to the market and can’t find the right fit for your workshop.

While seeking help from the dealer is the best option here, DeWalt features some phenol units like the DeWalt DCH273.

DeWalt DCH273 is a cordless hammer drill with a shocking active vibration control system. It is an amazing tool used by many people around the world.

It is designed in such a way that it reduces vibrations felt by the user at the handle.

The DeWalt DCH273 brushless hammer drill is ideal for rod hanging, safety, and seismic attachments, clam mounting, rail mounting, strut mounting, and cable trays.

So, there is no harm in testing it out if you need to get through a demanding project this month.

Unfortunately, many users face problems with DeWalt DCH273. Therefore, our article will provide you with some DeWalt DCH237 problems and their solutions.

DeWalt DCH273 Problems

  1. The Device Won’t Start

If the DeWalt DCH273 cordless drill is not starting or turning on, then it is most likely because of the battery. It is possible that the battery has been damaged due to overheating or overuse.


Therefore, in such cases, all you have to do is replace the faulty battery with the new one.

It is also possible that the problem is with the battery charger and not the battery. If the charger is not working, then the battery will not be charged. This means that the device will not start.

Therefore, check if the battery charger is working fine. Place the battery into the charger.

If no lights come on, then it means that the battery is not reacting to the battery placement. In such a case, replace the battery charger with a new charger, as this is the only long-term solution to your problem.

Sometimes, the battery is not damaged at all, and the charger is in good shape as well. It all relates to the battery being fully drained, and you can check the response from the battery one more time.

All you’ll have to do here is to jump the system.

It will only take a fresh pack and a pair of wires. There is nothing more that you need here, and just connecting the drained unit with a charged one for 20 minutes will do the job.

Just make sure never to let the battery drop below 20 percent from this point forward.

Overall, all you’re trying to do is to secure proper power flow to the unit. There are no quick methods that can help you through this fix. So, keep that in mind and get a new battery or a charger for your system.

  1. The Trigger Is Depressed

The DeWalt drill does not work when the trigger of the unit is depressed. The trigger can lock up, which can cause the drill to not work.

In such cases, there is nothing wrong with using the tool electronically. Check if the trigger is working properly. Otherwise, replace the trigger.

In order to replace the trigger of the drill, the drill casing needs to be taken off. The trigger is locked inside the drill with the help of a screw.

Unscrew the trigger with the help of a screwdriver. Once the trigger is unscrewed, it can be replaced with ease.

Sometimes, it is just the gunk, and you’re not dealing with any real issues. If that is the case for you as well, you won’t have to get a new trigger.

Just cleaning up the unit a bit will do the trick, and you can put everything back in place. So, be sure to check for clogged debris to avoid this issue.

From there, it is not that hard to fix the issue, and keeping track of the maintenance of this tool will help you avoid these errors in the future. So, keep that in mind and test out the trigger again.

  1. Smoke From The Tool

Smoking coming out of your Drill can be alarming. There are a few things you might need to check to fix the problem.

The first thing you need to check is the battery. If the battery is the culprit, then it needs to be replaced. It cannot be repaired. Make sure to replace the battery with the proper one that is compatible with your drill.

The armature is the power-producing unit of the drill. The smoke might be coming out of the armature because of the breakdown or burning out of the windings.

Check the armature for continuity with the help of a multimeter. In case the armature is damaged, then it needs to be replaced. The armature can also be repaired.

multimeter device

However, we would highly recommend you replace the armature with a new one.

Check the switch of the drill. The switch provides power to the motor when it is pushed. If the switch has been worn out due to excessive wear and tear, it can short out and produce smoke.

In such cases, the drill will not work every time when the switch is pushed.

This is one of the signs that indicate that the switch of the drill is damaged. If such a situation is not taken seriously, it will eventually worsen with use to the point where it can cause smoke. To fix the switch,

  • Remove the end cap of the drill.
  • Then unscrew all the transmissions.
  • Remove the motor as well as all the transmissions.
  • Try removing the wiring from the brush.
  • Remove the switch.
  • Inspect the switch for burn marks or any other damage.

If the switch is damaged, it needs to be replaced with a new switch as it cannot be repaired. Install the new switch into the housing and reassemble the unit.

However, if you’re still stuck in the same errors and can’t get through the issue, then you’re dealing with a defective unit.

There are no quick methods that can help you here, and you need a fresh replacement. So, be sure to engage the dealer with the warranty claim, and he will provide you with a fresh piece.

The Bottom Line

To conclude the above-mentioned discussion, DeWalt DCH273 cordless drill is an amazing tool to get the job done.

It can be used for heavy work as well as light work that does not require too much power. However, people face problems with the device that needs to be fixed.

We have provided you with some common DeWalt DCH273 problems and their solutions. If these solutions do not work for you, then we highly recommend you refer to customer service.

The dealer support on DeWalt has always been great, and you won’t have to deal with any errors when making use of this brand.

As long as you’re keeping track of the unit’s maintenance, securing a consistent response is not that hard. However, if you’re not too sure about the defect, then call the dealer.

He will guide you through some fixes, but if the device is indeed defective, then you can claim a replacement. There are no quick fixes to help you get through the issues with a broken unit.

Hopefully, you won’t have to wait much, and the replacement will be at your door within the same week. 

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  1. on my second 1/2 in. hammer drill and now my small 1/2 in. drill are having the same issue. They both having a chatter effect from what appears to be a power issue, i have have old battery packs and new battery packs and does the same with both. you can press the trigger multiple times on either device and working occasionally but most time it chatters or does nothing! The chatter sounds like a poor connection.


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