Brushless Impact Driver vs Regular Impact Driver – Which One?

brushless impact driver vs regular
brushless impact driver vs regular

Impact drivers are considered to be the combination of drill and screwdrivers since they drill into objects such as concrete, wood, and steel for screwing the longer deck screws, but they don’t create a hole like drills. Instead, the hole created by the impact drivers is meant for the screw that is used on these to be fitted in properly, and that is why you can get both jobs done with a single tool. Another big difference that you get on the impact drivers is that you don’t need to have any bits attached to them, and you can simply plug in a screw-on these impact drivers and start inserting it into the material that you might want to.

The impact drivers are also pretty great in terms of overall efficiency and have the right torque that you might be needing to get the job done for you. There are essentially two types of impact drivers that you can possibly get your hands on out there in the market. The two most common types are brushless impact drivers and regular impact drivers with brushes. The key difference between them both is the motor type. However, there are certain performance factors and differences that you will need to know about them as well.

Brushless Impact Driver vs Regular Impact Driver

Brushless Impact Driver

Brushless impact drivers have drill motors on them that are using magnets for rotation and generating power. That ensures lesser friction and these impact drivers are certainly a lot more efficient and cost-effective in use. These magnets create no friction at all, which means lesser heat generation, better performance, and longer use time between the cooling-off periods so you can get the work done a lot faster than the brushed impact drivers and call it a day. Not only they are efficient to get most of the jobs done, but they also provide you better time on the battery since there is lesser friction and that allows you to have more power on the brushless impact driver.

The dusting of worn brushes is something that you will never have to worry about on the brushless impact drivers and not only that reduce the regular maintenance efforts and costs, but you will also be enjoying an overall seamless experience with the brushless impact driver since you will not have to deal with the hassle of replacing those brushes once they have worn out and that could be actually something great for you. Moving forward, you will also need to know that they have a simple design which means at times you will be able to find them at better prices as well. If you are not after too much torque and need better battery life with great performance, brushless impact drivers would be the perfect choice for you.

Regular Impact Driver

Regular or Brushed impact drivers have a completely different motor type and that is the main difference between them both. They have a rotor with carbon brushes around it to generate the power that you might be seeking and that allows you to be enjoying better torque and inertia production. Brushed motors are inexpensive and you will not have to put a dent in your bank to get your hands on one, while at the same time they are going to get you all the power that you need to get any job done for you without having a single thought on your mind. Yet, there are certain drawbacks to the regular impact drivers due to the motor, and you need to consider them as well.

The friction takes power and that is why a brushed impact driver with a battery might not be a wise choice and if you need that power on your impact driver, you should be going for a corded one. In addition to that, there are regular maintenance needs such as cleaning the wearing off brush components from your brushed drivers and not only that, but you will also need to replace these brushes periodically to ensure that you can keep using the impact driver for all the needs that you might have. In addition to all that, you will also need to give it a bit of cooling time after every few minutes of use.

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