Are DeWalt 20V Batteries Interchangeable with Black And Decker?

are dewalt 20v batteries interchangeable with black and decker
are dewalt 20v batteries interchangeable with black and decker

DeWalt is a popular company that is known for providing solution-oriented tools that are designed to solve all kinds of problems. All their products are aimed at making things convenient for their users.

Are DeWalt 20V Batteries Interchangeable With Black And Decker?

A common question that we have seen a number of users ask is whether the DeWalt 20V batteries are interchangeable. More specifically, these users have been asking whether they can use Black and Decker instead of the traditional 20V batteries.

So, in case you have also been wondering whether the DeWalt 20V batteries are interchangeable with Black and Decker, then this article should be quite helpful to you. Using the article, we will be giving you all the details that you need in order to learn more about them. So, without wasting any time further, let’s get right into it!

Can You Interchange Both of Them?

If you are here for the short answer, then no, you should not be able to interchange both these batteries with each other under normal circumstances. Even though both these batteries are made using the very same manufacturers, they are still different from each other in plenty of ways.

While some users have definitely reported that it is possible to interchange both these batteries, but we’re afraid it shouldn’t be the case for most batteries.

Why Are These Not Interchangeable?

Both these batteries are completely different when it comes to their capabilities and attributes. DeWalt batteries are mostly designed for complete professionals which is why they can easily handle higher loads. They are suitable for both frequent and aggressive use.

On the other hand, Black and Decker’s batteries are designed for occasional users who don’t really have that heavy use. Though it is important to keep in mind that both the batteries undergo testing which ensures that they are both safe and reliable to use.

Also, Black and Decker’s batteries are usually cheaper in the market. Compared to it, you will find DeWalt batteries to be much more expensive.

The reason behind the high price is simply because DeWalt being the most powerful power tool in the lineup. Even if Black and Decker are not bad, they don’t come anywhere near the quality of DeWalt’s batteries when it comes to actual use.

Unfortunately, even after using similar connections in both batteries, these are designed specifically to be incompatible with each other. This is why there isn’t any way that you can interchange both these batteries.

Another thing worth mentioning is that DeWalt batteries don’t have any type of electronics inside them. So, whenever you try to replace these batteries with something that has a different structure from electronic, it can potentially end up damaging the whole system.

Also, the same thing would happen if you try to replace a Black and Decker battery with a DeWalt battery. As a matter of fact, it can end up giving you an even worse outcome. While the quality of both these batteries is quite fantastic, there isn’t really any way you can interchange them with each other.

However, any standard 20V DeWalt battery power should go well with any twenty-volt tools and chargers.

The Bottom Line:

Are DeWalt 20V batteries interchangeable with Black and Decker? No, both the batteries feature different compatibility options due to which they can’t be used in place of each other. The DeWalt batteries are suitable for heavy use whereas Black and Decker are well suited for occasional users where power requirement isn’t that much. The borderline is that you should not even think about interchanging both these batteries. Not only will it not work, but you can also end up damaging your system as a whole.

To learn more about this, refer to the article above. It should provide you with all the details that you need to answer all of your questions relating to the topic.

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