7 Steps To Change The Blade On An Old Black and Decker Circular Saw?

how to change the blade on an old black and decker circular saw
how to change the blade on an old black and decker circular saw

Black and Decker merged with Stanley Works to form a new brand. The company bought several other famous brands including DeWalt, and all of them are known for manufacturing power tools. You should note that Black and Decker offer its users tons of products including gardening tools, but the brand mostly focuses on manufacturing cordless tools nowadays. All of these are powered up using lithium-ion batteries that allow the devices to last a long time without any issues.

With that being said, you should note that people also sometimes use older tools like the circular saw from this brand. These can still complete most projects but there are also some questions users might ask. A common query is “How to change the blade on an old Black and Decker circular saw?”. Considering this, we will be using this article to teach you how it can be done.

How To Change The Blade On An Old Black and Decker Circular Saw?

Before changing the blade on your old circular saw, there are a set of steps that have to be followed. This is why you must follow these carefully to ensure most problems can be avoided. If done properly, then you can continue using your power tool without any issues.

  1. Start by removing your Black and Decker circular saw from its main power.
  2. You will now have to wait several minutes before continuing as the current might still be circulating inside the device.
  3. Previous models of the tool came with a simple locking mechanism that held the blade using a small screw. This is why you will have to find a screwdriver before the blade can be removed.
  4. Now take the screwdriver inside the hole until it latches on and then start rotating it.
  5. If the screw is stuck, then try using a little more force.
  6. People can also add some lubricant or oil to help them remove the screw.
  7. Once done, you can now place your new blade over the circular saw and tighten it using the same method.

People can easily change the blade on their old Black and Decker circular saw using the guide mentioned above. If you have any other questions in mind, then contact the support team for this brand. They should be able to help you out in fixing the problem.

A common reason for most issues is that you are trying to install a blade that is not supported by the saw. If this happens then you have to ensure that the blade is of the same size that your power tool requires. Other than this, another problem can be that your circular saw is damaged. This usually happens on its own and there is no way to repair it on your own.

The only solution that you can go with is replacing the tool with a new one or taking it to a repair center affiliated with Black and Decker. They should be able to help you out depending on the issue. If a small part requires replacement, then this can be done easily but if the entire power tool is damaged then you might be able to claim the warranty service.

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