5 Quick Ways To Fix Admiral Miter Saw Laser Not Working

admiral miter saw laser not working
admiral miter saw laser not working

Admiral is one of the top brands in the US that makes a lot of tools and equipment.

You will need to ensure that you are getting it sorted by having their products if you are looking for an exceptional experience that is not available otherwise.

While the price point is not that cheap, you will have to pay a bit to benefit from all the accessibility features as well as the durable build quality of this unit.

So, be sure to extend your budget by a small margin to include this absolute unit in your workshop.

With that said, the performance of the Admiral Miter Saw Laser is only consistent when you’re keeping track of its staining as well as the servicing requirements.

Ignoring the maintenance will only lead to more issues down the road.

Fix Admiral Miter Saw Laser Not Working

The Admiral miter saw with laser is known to be the best one out there since you get the accuracy of the saw with the laser, and there is hardly anything to be worried about.

Yet, if the laser is not working, here are a few things to check upon.

  1. Calibrate it Right

The laser on the Admiral saw needs to be calibrated since you get a transparent plastic cover on it for better sight.

This is to ensure that you are protected from the bits that might be flying off from the wood that you have been working on.


Yet, you need to calibrate the laser as well to ensure perfect accuracy on it. Moving forward, you will also need to ensure that you are checking the manual of your Miter saw from Admiral has several models,

Consulting the owners’ manual from your saw specifically will help you ensure that you are not facing any such problems that were there earlier on your miter saw with the laser.

  1. Check Wiring and Fuses

The next thing that you should be doing is to ensure that you are checking all the wirings and fuses on your miter saw in order to ensure that you don’t have to face the same problem again.

It is pretty simple, and first of all, you should inspect all the wires and cables to make certain that none of the cables might be damaged and cause you this issue.

check wiring

If any of the cables might look damaged or sharply bent, you need to get that replaced, and that will sort out this problem optimally for you.

Afterward, you will need to ensure that you are also checking on all the different factors, including the fuses.

If any of the fuses are blown, you will have to replace that as well to get the perfect experience you might have been seeking the laser on your Miter saw from the admiral.

  1. Try Engaging The Saw

Some of the older models will only engage when the saw is running. If there are issues with the unit engagement, then you won’t be able to secure a response from the system.

So, if you’re in the same boat, just turn on the blade and check for the laser. Most often than not, the laser will come on as soon as you turn on the saw.

Just be mindful of your fingers before you engage the saw, and don’t inspect the laser as long as the saw is running. You need to be attentive throughout these methods, as mistakes are too common.

So, even if you’re an expert, don’t do anything with the miter saw until the power has been removed from the main source.

You can’t just turn off the button here, and removing the power cable from the main source will keep you at the safer end.

power on

It is always better to be safe than sorry, and you will thank yourself for this decision in due time.

So, be sure to turn off all the power if you wish to check on the laser. From there, you can reconnect the power and start the saw.

This would be enough to help you get ahead of the majority of functionality errors with the system.

You’ll be able to secure an optimal response from the machine as long as the laser itself is in good shape. 

  1. Try  Servicing The Unit

Going through the basic maintenance cycle is never a bad idea when you’re dealing with these machines.

It might take a bit of time to adjust to the unit’s maintenance at first. However, you’ll have to put in the time and effort to make use of its extensive features long term.


Ignoring the maintenance will only lead to more issues, and it might also play into the miter saw laser not working.

So, to isolate the error, we suggest that you clean up the system along with the wiring connections and the trigger.

The major point that you need to keep in mind is that the laser should have complete access to the power, and there shouldn’t be anything wrong with the trigger engagement.

Either one of these pointers will help you avoid more problems down the road.

However, you need to completely turn off the power as you’re cleaning the miter saw, as you can cut your fingers off if the trigger is accidentally engaged.

clean device

So, to keep yourself on the safer end, be sure to always turn off the power to the say.

From there, you can complete the cleaning cycle and then turn the power back on as you try to engage the system.

It all comes down to how you’re planning on addressing the situation. So, be sure to keep that in mind as you try to adjust the system with the laser not working in the miter saw.

Hopefully, everything will start working at this stage if the laser itself is in good shape. Otherwise, you will have to leave the job to the professional, as you can’t do much about the laser at this stage. 

  1. Get it Replaced


If you still find yourself in a fix when it comes to the miter saw, the best approach would be to ensure that you are getting it checked with some authorized Admiral warranty center.

They should be able to diagnose all the circuits and laser optimally. Not only that, but they will also be able to fix it up for you, so you don’t have to face any such problems on the miter saw again.

Your laser will be working perfectly as you expect it to once you have it properly fixed by the Admiral repair center, and you wouldn’t have to worry about getting any issues on your warranty either.

Wrapping Up

The issues with the Admiral miter saw not working can be pretty hard to manage at times.

In some instances, the issue is only related to wiring, while other times, the issue is related to the laser hardware itself. So, you will have to dig into the situation to find the main cause of the issue.

There are no quick fixes that can help you fly through the situation. So, be patient as you test out the system as well as the laser for possible issues.

If you do find there to be an issue with the cable, a good thing to do would be to get it replaced.

You can’t fix a damaged laser on your own. Moreover, taking it to the repair center would be inefficient.

customer response

So, to narrow down the issue, you need to fix the situation by installing a new laser. It will not be that expensive, and you’ll surely get a good response from the laser.

From there, you can try adjusting the system by fixing the alignment and making sure that the laser disengaged properly.

Hopefully, that will be it, and you won’t have to worry about more errors down the road. Lastly, you can also ask the dealer to help you through these compilations.

Hopefully, he will guide you perfectly through relevant fixes. 

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