SawStop Sliding Crosscut Table Reviews – Good Value Buy?

sawstop sliding crosscut table reviews
sawstop sliding crosscut table reviews

SawStop is one of the leading US brands that are manufacturing woodworking and other saws, but they are particularly known for their exceptional quality on-the-table saws that you can possibly have out there.

The SawStop doesn’t only manufacture a great range of all these table saws that are to be used for all these different applications but are also offering some particularly great accessories that you can use with their table saws, or some other table saws out there and have the perfect experience of them.

SawStop sliding crosscut is one such accessory, or you can rather call it an attachment that is used for the table saws, for having additional space on the table for cutting any large workpieces. 

Not only that, but it also enables you to be enjoying the perfection of utility since it has a sliding mechanism on it that is perfectly great for you to be having an exceptional experience overall.

The SawStop sliding crosscut is also particularly great for you to be having better flexibility with the angles that you might want to use it for. Yet, a few key factors that you must know before you can make a purchase decision are:

SawStop Sliding Crosscut Table Reviews

  1. Compatibility

Of course, the first question that everyone can have while they are trying to purchase any such equipment or accessory is regarding its compatibility with all the different sorts of equipment that is available in the market.

This sliding table is built for exceptional versatility and that allows you to enjoy just the right perfection that you can seek from any sliding table that is available in the market.

The sliding table is not only perfect to be used with any such table saws that you will be getting from the SawStop but it can also be used with some other models of the popular brands that are offering their table saws.

  1. Durability


The next most important factor that counts towards having the right experience out of the sliding table has to do with durability.

The sliding crosscut is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum and that is why you will hardly be facing any issues at all as long as the durability is concerned.

You can enjoy just the right experience out of it, with not only any dents or bends, but it will resist all those pesky scratches and dust marks as well, and you will be able to make the most out of your experience as well from the crosscut sliding table.

  1. Utility

Of course, you get to have the right utility on it as well that you can seek from any such table extensions for the table saws you can have.

The fence on the sliding Crosscut can easily be extended to 58” and the table can travel up to 55” so you will be able to have more space on the table surface for any application you can possibly be working with.

To top it all, you have 2x large flip stops making it easier for you to hold the sliding table anywhere you like and get it stable there for a better experience with overall accuracy.

  1. Affordability


With all the features that you get to enjoy on it, and of course the premium materials used for craftsmanship, you will have to pay a bit premium for the sliding table which is a bit more than most of the competitors offering similar products in the market.

However, if you are a person who loves to go beyond the ordinary and want the best equipment that you can push to its limits, this is definitely the perfect choice for you to be having.

Not only that, but it is also worth those bucks since you will be able to get the perfect experience with the durability and overall utility that you will be getting on it.

  1. Value

The value would depend if you have the need for extended space on your table saw.

For someone who is using a basic table saw for smaller workpieces, it would not make sense to buy an extension for the table saw.

But, if you want to use the table saw for larger workpieces, you can get it and enjoy the right experience with better space on your table saw.

  1. Assembly

As far as the assembly is concerned, you will find that some of the owners are not that happy with the routine offered by this unit.

The setup can be a bit complicated and you will have to rely on a manual or a couple of video guides to get through the setup.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that the owners that complained about this issue were provided with a defective piece.

Even with all of the extra padding and the bubble wrap, some units can get damaged during the delivery routine 

Yes, you’re not liable for these issues. However, you can’t blame the brand either, and the dealer will be more than happy to help you with a fresh piece.

While these situations might be rare, this brand is fully supportive of its customers.

If you believe that you got a defective piece or a damaged unit, you can reach out to the dealer.

He will be more than happy to help you out and you will not have to deal with as much hassle down the road. It all comes down to how you’re planning on addressing the situation and the errors. 


Still, the assembly is not meant to be easy for this system. There are no quick methods to avoid the setup, and you will have to educate yourself a bit on how to set up the table. 

Another alternative here is hiring a local expert to help with the setup. You don’t have to struggle on your own and you can just hire a local to help you out. He will charge you a bit, but you’ll be ahead of these errors in no time.

  1. Accuracy

The accuracy and the stability of this system is beyond phenomenal. Even if you’re not an expert or are simply learning, you will find that his system is incredibly easy to use.

The performance is simply amazing and the precision for final cysts will be out of this world.

The initial adjustment will take a bit of time, but when you get used to the SawStop sliding table, everything will become simple.

You will not have to worry about any hassle or complications, and managing this system will be fairly easy.

However, if you’re still not sure or confident, we suggest that you spend some time with an expert.

Having an expert guide you through the minor details and issues can help you avoid many potholes and road bumps. So, be sure to reach out and get help from the officials. 

  1. Dealer Support

customer support

Lastly, the support behind this brand is pretty decent. As mentioned before, if you do run into any issues iwth the system, the dealer will be happy to help you out.

As long as you’re sitting on a valid warranty, you won’t have to worry about anything. 

All that you need to do on your end is to reach out to the dealer and explain your end. The dealer will be more than happy to provide you with a fresh piece, and you will not have to deal with more complications on your end.

So, if you’re stuck at the setup or think that you got a defective piece, just ring up the dealer.

You can also send a support ticket, explaining your issue. From there, you need to wait for the dealer to respond and he will guide you further on this situation. 

The dealer will ask you for more details to further improve his perspective of the situation. From there, he will take charge and you will not have to struggle as much with the basic setup of this system. 

Wrapping Up

After going through with the details listed above, you will find that the SawStop sliding crosscut table is the best fit for your requirements.

If you’re starting out or simply need to upgrade your setup, going with this unit will serve you perfectly.

You will not have to spare that much cash to stick with this option and it will serve you well in the long run.

So, be sure to stick with this option if you’re aiming for exceptional performance and decent value for money. 

Hopefully, you will not be disappointed by the performance offered by this unit, and the quality of this system will simply be out of this world.

However, that doesn’t mean that you will avoid all of the common issues and complications with this system.

There have been some complaints on the assembly and the basic installation.

However, these owners further listed that they were reimbursed for being provided with a defective unit. So, you don’t have to worry as much. This table will come with a complete purchase security for your setup. 

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