Ryobi One Plus vs HP – What To Use?

ryobi one plus vs HP
ryobi one plus vs HP

Ryobi is one of the best and most durable brands that you can possibly have options to choose from.

They allow you to enjoy certainly the best performance to make these tools work for all the different reasons you could be having.

These tools are particularly great in performance, but they will also help you to enjoy the perfection of utility for sure.

Yet, that is not all about them, and there are a number of technologies they are offering that you will need to know about.

Ryobi is offering these superior technologies and making them a lot more affordable for the users to ensure that they can make these tools work for all the different needs they could be having.

These technologies are not only superior in terms of performance but durability as well at the same time.

That will allow you to enjoy a lot more freedom and definitely a lot more in terms of durability and efficiency.

Ryobi One Plus VS HP

One + and HP are two such logos that you might come across quite often while you are dealing with any of these Ryobi Tools.

They mean something and are not just logos and represent the technologies that power up these tools and equipment.

So, if you are looking at these tools for some reason, here are a few key differences to know about them both.

Specifics Ryobi One Plus Ryobi HP
Improved Compatibility  Yes No
Battery Cell  Lithium Ion Lithium Ion
Charging Time 180 Minutes 150 Minutes
Lifespan 2 – 3 Years 1 – 3 Years
Better Pricing No Yes

As long as you’re talking about the basic features, both the One Plus and the HP units will bring the same options to your workshop.

If you’re a casual workman and need to get through some DIY projects, then going with either one of these options is a good idea.

The only thing that you need to consider here is the price point, and going with the older HP systems is not a bad idea.

You’ll barely notice any difference in the performance, and the Ryobi system will have you served for decades on end.

On the other hand, if you can’t compromise on quality and need to get through some demanding projects, then going with the One Plus system is a better idea.

It all comes down to how you’re planning on getting through with the project.

Similarly, you will have to extend your budget a bit if you stick to this series. So, the price point shouldn’t be an issue for you when you’re only aiming for peak performance.

Hopefully, that will help you find the best fit for your workshop.

As far as the lifespan is concerned, that depends more on the storage conditions and not as much on the battery itself.

You need to isolate this issue by checking the storage space. Excessive moisture and humidity are never good for battery life.

So, even if you are going with the HP system, keeping it stored in a dry box away from extreme temperatures and humidity will maintain its perfect condition.

Hopefully, that will be it when you’re dealing with the Ryobi system.

However, if you’re still confused about what unit will better suit your workshop, then asking the dealer will be a better idea.

You can inform him about your requirements as well as the project demands. He will point you in the right direction while also underscoring the upsides of each system.

Here are some more details on both of these Ryobi units if you still can’t seem to finalize the purchase. 

Ryobi One Plus 

ryobi one plus

One + is the technology that puts all these tools one step ahead of any other competitors out there.

These One+ tools are not just the batteries that you can get from Ryobi, but the technology spans the tools as well.

These are the tools that you are going to be enjoying for sure in order to make it work better for you to have the right utility out of these tools.

One + is the whole system consisting of these batteries that are designed for better power delivery and performance, along with the tools that can support these batteries.

There are over 260 tools that are compatible with the One + batteries, and that makes the whole deal a lot sweeter for you to be having.


These One+ tools from Ryobi are going to allow you the perfection of enjoying better power delivery, way more storage capacity, and a longer life span as well.

The One + batteries are designed to work at 18 Volts, and you will be able to make it work properly for all the different applications that need to have better power delivery on it.

The One+ tools are also particularly great in terms of durability.

If you are a professional, who would like to get things done faster and better, these One+ tools are definitely the best thing that you can possibly have to enjoy the right performance.

These tools are worth each penny that you would have to spend on top of the standard tools and battery prices.

So, if you’re concerned about the initial commitment here, know that this machine will serve you for months to come.

You’ll get far more out of this purchase than you pay for it. So, keep that in mind and spare some cash to go with the One Plus system if you want the ideal performance.

From there, it is not that hard to isolate the issue with the Ryobi system.

Ryobi HP

ryobi hp

HP or High Performance is another thing that you can get from Ryobi.

These are batteries with slightly advanced technologies, and you will be able to enjoy a better level of performance without having to invest in some new tools.

To put it in simple words, the HP batteries are perfectly great for you to get enhanced power delivery from these tools.

Moving forward, you will definitely have a longer run time and a better life for these batteries without having to worry about a thing.

The One + batteries are required to be used with the One+ compatible tools only, but if you have some other Ryobi tools that you are already using.

You can get the HP batteries to power up the tools you already have from Ryobi and make them work for all the different needs you could possibly have.

These HP batteries are just as good, and you will only have to deal with slight differences in performance or any such issues as well because the tools are not One+.

But, it is the closest thing that you can get to enjoy that enhanced power experience.

So, if you’re a bit low on cash and need to get through some casual projects, then going with HP is not a bad idea.


It all comes down to how you’re planning on maneuvering through the project. There is no such thing as one perfect unit for all projects.

For this reason, you can test out the HP system when you need to get through smaller projects, and the conditions are not too demanding.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to pick the perfect unit that matches your requirements.

Wrapping Up

These specifics on the Ryobi One Plus and the Hp system will help you pick the perfect unit for your needs.

For the majority of the users, these differences won’t be that significant. So, if you’re not a professional and just require a decent system, then going with either one of these units is a good idea.


You won’t have to worry about anything when sticking with this brand. Everything from the warranty status to the durability and the lifespan is exceptional.

So, you can’t really go wrong with either one of these options.

All you have to do is to check the project requirements and then go with the system that better matches your requirements.

ask expert

That will do you good in the long run, and you won’t have to worry about switching to any other options.

On the other hand, if you still can’t make the decision, we suggest that you get help from the dealer. He will be more than happy to guide you through the intricate details of the project.

From there, you can go with his recommendation and hopefully, you won’t have to think about changing the system.

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