Multi Router vs Pantorouter – Which One Is Better?

multi router vs pantorouter
multi router vs pantorouter

Woodworking is not as simple as it might seem, and you will need to make sure that you are getting the right tools that will help you with accuracy and precision for sure.

Yet, there are some tools that are more complex, and you will be able to enjoy the perfect if you know how to make it work in the right manner.

That is why you will need to get not only the best tool to help you out but also know how to use it in the right manner and if it is what suits you need to make it work for the project you have at hand.

Multi router and PantoRouter are two such tools that are pretty great, and you wouldn’t have to worry about anything. 

Multi Router VS PantoRouter: Key Distinctions


Yet, there are certain differences between them both, and you will need to make sure that you are getting the perfection of the work without worrying about precision, any mistakes, or anything like that.

To understand the working mechanism of both, and know what there is to have the right knowledge of them both and pick them accurately are

Specifics Multi Router PantoRouter
Speed Moderate Fast
Durability Robust Robust
Control Simple Complex
Accuracy Decent Phenomenal
Template Variety Extensive Extensive

Figuring out the best fit for your workshop can be pretty confusing at times. This is especially true when you’ll find a ton of experts behind every option.

So, no one can say for sure that one system is better than the other or vice versa.

Similarly, it all comes down to the requirements of your project and how you’re planning on adjusting your workshop.

Most of the time, it will take only a bit of effort on your end to find the right fit as you try out the PantoRouter and the Multi Router for yourself.

So, be sure to go to the dealer or a local workshop. All you’re trying to do here is to get a feel of both units.

The majority of the market believes PantoRouter to be the more efficient option, and you might also like this system.

On the other hand, there are a ton of experts that still like their multi-router system better.

So, you just have to value all of these pointers and then go with a system that best matches your preferences.

Just because the PantoRouter has proven to be useful for a ton of owners, that doesn’t mean that you will enjoy the same value.

The only way to know for sure is to reach out to the local dealers and have them point you in the right direction.

They will not only listen to your requirements but will also help you get a better understanding of both of these systems. 

However, if you can’t find any reliable dealer at this point in time, you can head over to local workshops and then test out these stems.

You’ll surely find the multi router in most workshops, and it is not too rare to get your hands on the PantoRouter either

Here are some more details on both of these systems to help you finalize the purchase. 

Multi Router


The multi router is the tool that you would definitely love to ensure that you are getting precision woodworking.

The routers on the multi router would allow you to have the right edge of perfection and utility at the same time.

In addition to all that, you can use it for a number of applications, such as creating mortises, tenons, box joints, dovetails, and angled joinery that are for a ton of different purposes.

For instance, you can use the multi router to work on the wall panels, flooring, cabinets, furniture, and even some of the engraved art pieces at the same time.

This will help you to have the best possible precision and accuracy at the same time.

The multi-router works in the right manner for you, and you will be getting the right edge of perfection for sure.

It allows you to have a vertical surface moving up and down, and the routers are mounted horizontally behind the workpiece. 

Even if you’re a beginner, it will be pretty easy to get used to this unit. For this reason, you will find that the majority of owners start out with the Multi Router and then switch to other options.

So, be sure to test this unit out for yourself as well if you’re new to the market and can’t find the right fit.

You won’t be disappointed by this purchase, and it will help if you can get some pointers from an expert.

There is no point in learning the basics through trial and error when you skip past all the basic mistakes and pitfalls by asking an expert. Hopefully, you will not have to struggle much here.

The movement from in and out and side to side is something that will be a truly enhancing factor for your accuracy.

With all that in perspective, there is hardly something that you will have to worry about while you are dealing with the woodworking.

This helps to make it the right possibility for you to have over the height, width and depth of the cut at the same time.

There are two levers that control the movement of the routers for you, and you can also choose them to be stationary at a single point.



PantoRouter, as the name suggests, has 5 routers working at the same time that are meant to help you achieve the precision that you have always been seeking.

Yet, controlling them all needs certain expertise, and if you are not confident enough or do not have enough experience to deal with that, you should avoid the PantoRouter.

The pros that you will be getting with the PantoRouter are beyond compare, and you will have accuracy with speed.

That makes PantoRouter the most accurate and fastest woodworking tool, and you can easily make it work for any of the needs that might be at hand for any of the projects.

PantoRouter is used for the same applications that you can use a multi-router for, but there are essential differences that you will need to know about the PantoRouter for sure. 

It can cut over 150 sizes of mortise and tenon using the templates, and you can also customize the configuration to adjust the cutting size according to the needs you might have.

That is certainly something that you will be loving, and you can make it work for all your needs. 

Compared to the Multi Router, it might be a bit harder to get used to this system for some owners.

However, if you have the right help, it can be just as effortless to keep track of its performance. It all comes down to how you’re planning on limiting the learning curve.

There is no point in going with the more complex unit when you can’t secure any support from local experts.

So, if you don’t have any hands-on guidance, going with the multi-tool will serve you better as there are more guides available on that system.

PantoRouter needs to be controlled using several different levers, but the best thing is that it can be fixed as well.

So, all you will need to do is ensure that you learn how to use it properly, and that will help you out in the perfect manner.

From there, you will be able to get through even the most demanding projects without worrying about any issues.

There are no limitations to how you can improve your project, and it all comes down to the time commitment and the experience you maintain as a workman. 

Wrapping Up

Final Thoughts

These were some specifics on the PantoRouter and the Multi Router to help you find the right fit.

As far as the basic functionality is concerned, you will be able to get almost the same value from both of these systems.

However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put any thought into the purchase.

The majority of owners have found the PantoRouter to be the more efficient unit, while the older users still stick with their multi-router systems.

So, depending on your preferences, you can test out both of these systems. It will give you a better grasp of the situation, and you’ll save yourself from a bad decision.

However, if you can’t get to any dealer to check the unit in person, you should seek opinions from the experts working in local workshops.

They will be more than happy to guide you on the specifics of both of these systems. Furthermore, picking the perfect option will come easily to you. 

Lastly, you can also head over to the online forums to get help from the community members. That way, you can ask other users about their experience with this system.

So, don’t hesitate to reach out as you increase your understanding of what unit will best match your budget

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