iFixit vs Wiha Screwdrivers – Which Suits You The Best?

ifixit vs wiha screwdrivers
ifixit vs wiha screwdrivers

We can say for sure that knowing how to get the job sorted out is of great importance, and you need to plan how you will be completing any repair from beginning to scratch so that you will not have to encounter any problems later on with it.

Won’t you be annoyed as well when you have to deal with delays because of poor quality tools? Well, that is precisely why you need to put your mind to getting better tools.

We will not debate the fact that the skill of a workman plays a critical role in a project, but the tools also hold significant importance.

So, if you’ve ever wondered about why so many experts are willing to pay the top buck for some power tools, then that is your answer.

These experts know how crucial good tools can be for every project. You should try to follow the same approach if you’re aiming to improve your setup.

iFixit vs Wiha Screwdrivers

iFixit and Wiha are two such brands that are exceptional in manufacturing all those screwdrivers for you. They are helping you out with all the different bits that you can possibly need.

While they both are exceptional in performance, durability, and utility, there are also a few key differences that you will need to know about them. These will be helping you to pick the right one that suits your needs properly.

A few important factors about these differences that you need to know are:

Specifics iFixit Wiha
Variety Extensive Moderate
Pricing Moderate Expensive
Quality Decent Amazing
Dealer Support Phenomenal Phenomenal

Figuring out the minute differences and similarities between different hand tools is not an easy job. This is especially true for situations shown you’re planning on purchasing from decent brands like iFixit and Wiha.

You’ll find that there are more similarities than differences.

Everything from the dealer support to the quality and the pricing is far beyond decent for both brands. Yes, you will get a better price with the iFixit system, but you will also get a better quality with the Wiha system. 

So, it is like a fair trade off. You can either go with the premium option at a more expensive budget range or go with the beginner option like the iFixit system that is more at the affordable range.

The decision falls on your head, and you will have to decide accordingly.


There is no debate that aligning with the iFixit system over the Wiha system is better for beginners. The market is heavily tilted towards the iFixit system when you’re talking about maximizing value. So, be sure to rely on this option when you’re a bit short on budget.

Going with the Wiha system is not for everyone. For the most part, you will only be wasting your money without getting any performance in return.

So, you should instead go with the iFixit system if you’re just planning on working with a quick DIY project. 

On the other hand, if you’re only aiming for more demanding projects that can put too much strain on your hands and the tools, then it might be time to consider

Wiha. The presentation of these tools is much better, but you will still not get the same variety 


iFixit is an American manufacturer that started off as a how-to-website and they used to make all those different videos on DIY repairs.

That way, you can not only diagnose all those issues that you are facing on your devices but fix them up efficiently as well. 

ifixit screwdriver

While they were at it, iFixit realized the gap in the market for not having appropriate tools that can help you out to make it work and use these tools for those repairs. iFixit is offering all these different screwdrivers and bits that you can use to access the screws on your devices and more.

With iFixit, you get those extensive kits with tens of bits on them that will be helping you out properly to have your way around all the different screws you could be dealing with. They are also offering multiple other tools such as lifts, and tweezers to supplement. 

The main difference that you will need to know about the iFixit screwdrivers is that they are offering multiple small bits that can fit one screwdriver handle and you can easily replace them. 

There is a magnetic end on all such bits and the handles for perfect grip and power delivery among these bits and you will be able to enjoy the right overall experience with these for sure.

There are multiple models of these screwdriver kits being offered by iFixit, and they allow you to enjoy the right perfection for not only smaller devices such as your smartphone and tablets, but you can also find bigger handles and bits to deal with multiple other applications that you can possibly think of.

That makes them a perfect choice for you if you are looking to have an all-in-one kit to be dealing with these different applications.


So, if you are aiming for a cheap yet high value setup, iFixit has got you covered. You will not have to complain about any aspect of these tools from the comfort to efficiency and the dealer support. 

Moreover, the variety of tools is pretty extensive. You can find any type or variant of screwdriver when sticking with the iFixit brand. This utility is not available at Wiha that only offers a couple of variants for a premium range.


Wiha is a brand that is offering multiple sorts of tools.

They are based out of Germany, but have manufacturing units and are distributing all these tools worldwide that allow you to have the perfection of utility on all the different applications along with having the right durability for these tools.

Wiha has specialized in the art of crafting the finest quality of hand tools, and their screwdrivers are definitely worth getting for all the different electrical, mechanical, or any other similar applications that you would need to use them for.

The main difference between the Wiha screwdrivers and iFixit screwdrivers has to do with the bits. The screwdrivers that you get from Wiha don’t have those interchangeable small bits on them. 

wiha screwdriver

On the other hand, they are great for you to have more power since you can easily use them for all the different needs and applications easily.

The best thing about these screwdrivers is that you get longer bits to help you with the interchangeable screwdrivers.

That way, you don’t have a number of bits on the screwdriver sets, but they will be helping you to make it work pretty easily for such applications where you need those longer screwdriver bits.

You might also be missing out on the smaller bits on these Wiha screwdrivers. That is why you will need to make sure that you are choosing the screwdrivers according to your applications.

However, if you’re still confused, there is no harm in getting help from the officials. Yes, you can reach out to the official support at any time and he will be more than willing to guide you. 

All that you have to do is to state your requirements and your budget. From there, the dealer will take charge and help you with some viable options that not only fit your budget, but also help you with the ideal performance in every scenario.

Wrapping Up

We’ve gone through some of the viable details that will help you figure out the best fit for your project. As mentioned, the market sentiment is pretty divided, where beginners like to go with the iFixit tools and experts like the Wiha options.

However, the differences are not that great that you will have to go out of your way to find the best fit. Instead, the main reason why so many people go with the iFixit system over the Wiha tools is that they get better pricing with the iFixit tools.

Yes, you’ll have to spend a bit of budget when sticking with the Wiha option.

But some experts do claim that the performance or the build quality offered by this extra bit of investment is much better. So, everything boils down to how you’re planning on addressing the situation.

Lastly, you should also engage the official support team on the matter. You need to realize that you’re not an expert and having some pointers from an expert will do you well. So, get the excerpts to chime in and they will make your life much easier. 

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