How to Revive A Dead Lithium Ion Battery At Home?

how to revive a dead lithium ion battery
how to revive a dead lithium ion battery

People all over the world enjoy working on their projects by themselves. Although, when it comes to them, you will notice that there are a lot of tools required before they can start working.

Considering this, you should have all the equipment needed for the project you want to work on. Usually, people only had the choice to purchase hand tools that required a lot of time and effort to work.

Although nowadays, companies have started coming up with power tools that make the job much easier. Some of these are even cordless, which uses batteries to function.

How to Revive A Dead Lithium Ion Battery

While these might be amazing, there are also some issues that you can run into. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with a list of ways that you can revive a dead lithium-ion battery.

How to Revive A Dead Lithium Ion Battery?

  1. Use the Boost Feature on the Charger

Lithium-ion batteries are one of the best ones that you can use for your electrical devices. The main reason behind this is that these devices last a much longer time and can also charge faster.

Although, you might be someone who has not been using your batteries for a long period. This causes the charge in your battery to deplete over time.

Even though most companies have used technologies to prevent the batteries from dying, if you have kept your batteries stored longer than the recommended times, then these might have died.

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The first question that many people ask us is if it is possible to revive a battery. The short answer to this is “yes.” You should easily be able to start up your lithium-ion battery back up again if proper steps are taken.

One of the easiest methods is by using the boost feature provided on most chargers. If you are using an older charger, then you should replace it with a newer model.

The boost feature can be amazing as it charges your batteries much more quickly. The main reason why this revives a dead lithium battery is that it provides the device with a higher voltage than normal.

This will allow the circuit in your batteries to jump-start, resulting in them starting to charge again. You can then wait for these devices to completely charge before using them.

A completely dead battery should charge completely once before being used. This will reset the memory formed on it, allowing you to use the battery as it is completely new.

  1. Use Another Battery

If you are someone who does not have access to a charger with the boost feature. Then there is another method that you can go with.

Although, keep in mind that this is quite dangerous as these batteries hold a lot of power.

Taking proper precautions throughout the procedure will ensure that you do not run into any problems. This includes having a set of goggles and a pair of gloves with you.

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The user can then start by taking another battery with the same voltage ratings on it. Make sure that this one works perfectly and is completely charged up.

You can now start by connecting the terminals on your dead battery with the working one. Make sure that these are properly attached so that current can flow through them.

Your dead lithium batteries should now have started charging. You should leave the connection like this for at least 15 minutes before taking it off.

Although, you will have to carefully monitor the temperature to confirm these are not overheating. If these are, then you should take them off immediately.

  1. Using a USB Cable

Finally, another method that you can go with is using a USB cable. The procedure is almost identical to the one mentioned above. Even the precautions you should take will be the same.

However, you will have to cut off the connector for your cable from one end. This is because the USB port cannot be installed on these lithium-ion batteries.

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Now connect the red wire to your positive terminal and the black to the negative. Once done, charge up your battery using a power bank or computer. This should help you in reviving your battery so that it starts working again.

  1. Try Freezing The Battery

Some users also prefer to go with the freezing method, where the battery is placed in an airtight bag, and then that bag is placed in a freezer. The main purpose of the bag is to help users avoid issues with moisture and water damage to the battery.

The freezing method is more viable for batteries that were left in storage but are still in good shape. So, if you don’t wish to damage the battery, go with this routine, and it will work out perfectly for your workshop.

All your focus should be on placing the battery inside an airtight back that won’t leak for the next 20 to 24 hours.

From there, the process is easy, and you can let the battery defrost after placing it in the charger. This will be enough to charge the battery, and you can take it off after a few hours.

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Try to avoid charging the battery up to 100 percent, as that can damage the unit. With that said, you can test out the response from the power tool after installing this battery.

  1. Go To A Repair Center

Going to a repair center is and always will be the best choice when you’re trying to revive a dead battery. There is simply no point in wasting any of your time trying to repair a dead battery. So, keep that in mind and seek help from a certified professional.

He will know best how to deal with the battery situation after looking at the unit. This is especially true if you don’t have much experience with Lithium Ion batteries. So, it is best not to take any chances and leave this job to professionals.

Some battery brands also offer warranties that will last more than a year. You can reach out to the dealer regarding a replacement, and he will help you secure a fresh piece. So, if you’re not that sold on the idea of wasting your time, go to a repair center.

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The Risk Associated With Reviving A dead Lithium Ion Battery

Now, after going through all of these methods, you might ask yourself if you can keep using the Lithium Ion battery for an indefinite period.

However, that is not true. You will risk issues with the battery exploding and a massive drop in the battery performance. So, keep that in your mind.

There is no point in going cheap with the battery revival method, and you should just get a new battery. That way, you won’t have to risk any issues with the battery leaking or exploding. Furthermore, the lifespan of your power tools will also be removed.

So, we would recommend that you get a fresh replacement and avoid all of these methods. Otherwise, you can risk the integrity of your tools along with your safety.

Wrapping Up

You can cycle through any of these methods to revive a dead battery. However, it is never a safe idea to mess around too much with a dead battery. There are just too many instances of owners blowing up their battery units while trying to revive them.

So, if you want to avoid being a part of this statistic, we recommend that you need to avoid this situation as well.

However, if you’re still eager to revive the battery, the next best thing is to go to a repair center. That will minimize the risks associated with reviving the dead battery.

Hopefully, you won’t have to worry about reduced battery capacity or exploding issues when using these methods!

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