How To Cut Wires Without Wire Cutter?

how to cut wire without cutter
how to cut wire without cutter

You won’t always have the perfect tools or the right expertise to get through every project, and every handyman hits a brick wall sometimes.

However, it is all about how you improvise and make the most out of tools that you do have. 

These experiences will be the most educational, and you’ll at least learn a lot. Situations like missing wire cutters are rather common.

Luckily, it is still possible to cut wires without a wire cutter. As long as you’re open minded, your existing toolkit will be enough to help you get through any wire. 

How To Cut Wires Without Wire Cutter?

There is an extensive range of methods that can be used to cut tough and thick wires, even steel and copper.

From using sharp knives to the good old chisel, you can freely choose which tool will best fit your requirements when trying to cut wires without a wire cutter.

Method 1 — Using A Chisel

use a chisel

The first method that you should test out is using a chisel. Just grab the wire that you want to cut, and wrap some tape around the regions that you don’t wish to damage.

From there, grab your chisel and hammer, and place the chisel on top of the marked region.

Wait a few seconds and hammer down on the chisel after it has been secured properly. Be sure that your chisel is sharp and it will cut right through the wires. This method works the best for brittle and tough wires that will break right away.

Metold 2 — Use Pliers

When you’re dealing with small (yet annoying) wires, just use pliers. Push the small wire to the back end of the pliers teeth, and then clamp down firmly to make a clean cut.

use plier

You don’t have to do any prep work here, and the pliers should cleanly cut through the wire.

However, this method won’t work as well for larger wires that will clog up the plier. So, have that in mind when you’re not working with wire cutters. 

Method 3 — Use Knives

While using knives can be messy, you won’t believe how well sharp knives can work in certain situations.

These are perfect for cutting those annoying wires with rubber padding and extra protection. You won’t be able to get through these wires with one swing, but a minute of grinding should be enough.

It would be even better if you have a butcher’s knife laying around in your kitchen. Just put the wire on a strong base, and then hack down on it with the butcher’s knife. It should slice through the wire cleanly without making any mess.

Method 4 — Using Hacksaw

household tools

For the bigger and more robust wires, the hacksaw is the best tool. As long as you’re a bit experienced and can handle a hacksaw safely, just start grinding through the sides of the wire. It would serve you well to mark the cutting region all the way around.

These marketing points should make it easier to stay on track when cutting the wire.

Just make sure not to put your hand to secure the wire and have it clamped down. There are just too many reports on people losing their fingers in hacksaw accidents, and we’d hate for you to be a part of that stat.

Metod 5 — Using Scissors

For micro cables, using traditional scissors or shears is not a bad idea.

While you risk running the scissors, you’re not left with many options at this point. Just don’t make a habit out of using these alternatives, and get a wire cutter for your next project.

Lastly, safety is everything. You should always wear gloves and goggles to protect yourself even when the risk is not there.

prepping wire for cut

Similarly, it would be a pretty stupid idea to cut wires that are connected to a power source directly. 

Seeking help from a professional can save you hours of work, and I will always encourage you to get help if you’re inexperienced. Otherwise, you might just end up overcomplicating the situation for yourself.

The Takeaway

You can get through any wire without wire cutters if you’re committed enough, but you’ll still have to go through the hassle of trying all of these alternatives.

The finish won’t be clean, but at least you won’t be stuck in the project for hours.

Just make sure to add wire cutters to your shopping list and purchase them the next time you’re at a hardware store. No toolkit can be considered complete without proper wire cutters. 

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