6 Fast Repairs For Craftsman Miter Saw Handle Broken

craftsman miter saw handle broken
craftsman miter saw handle broken

We all know that Craftsman is a famous brand that has been known for manufacturing some of the best power tools for its users. They also have tons of equipment related to these tools including toolboxes and security gear.

The brand has a website that you can visit to take a look at all of its available products. Considering this, you should give this a check if you are interested in purchasing any equipment from them.

Looking at the specifications and features of a device can help you in selecting one that will suit your usage. With that being said, one of the best devices that people purchase from Craftsman is their miter saw. But there are also some issues that you can run into with it.

One complaint from users is that the Craftsman miter saw handle is broken. If you have the same issue then here are some steps that can be used to fix this.

How to Repair Craftsman Miter Saw Handle Broken

  1. Use Epoxy

The handle for your miter saw coming off can be quite frustrating to deal with. This is because these devices cannot be used without the handle on them. Although, you should note that these can be easily fixed by gluing them back on.

Keep in mind that the miter saw is a dangerous tool to handle which is why you have to take some precautions. This includes using a solution that ensures your handle will stay on and not come off while you are working.

Considering this, you can purchase an epoxy solution that will stick your handle back on like it never came off. If you are confused about which one to buy, ask the shopkeeper at the store to help you out.  They should be able to help you in selecting the best epoxy available at the store.

  1. Purchase a New Handle

Sometimes the handle breaks off in such a way that it can not be installed back on the miter saw. If you get this problem then trying to fix the handle using epoxy might be possible. However, it will not be as comfortable to use as it was before.

This is why another solution that you can go for is ordering a new handle from Craftsman.

chainsaw handle

The company provides spare parts to their users in case they run into any problems like this. You can then install your new handle onto the miter saw and continue using it.

  1. Try Some Glue

Now, if you’re not sold on the idea of getting a new handle (which you should definitely reconsider), going with the gluing option is not that bad of an idea. However, everything boils down to the damage to the broken handle. 

If you’re just missing a few sections or rough patches here and there, relying on glue will have you sorted out.

All that you will have to do is to glue up the system and try to patch up the broken sections. It will not take much of your time and you can do an ok job of patching up the handle.

Will it be perfect? Probably not. However, it will still be functional as long as the damage to the handle is minimal. 

We will strongly recommend against this method if you’re relying on a completely broken handle. The best mode of action is to always get a fresh piece, and why would you risk your safety over a few bucks.

So, expand your mindset and make it expensive to get a new piece from the dealer. You will not have to spend as much cash, and getting a new system will be fairly simple for you. 

  1. Use Nylon


Another unique but creative idea that was presented by some owners was the use of nylon strings with epoxy mixture. Now, the question of durability will still be consistent here. However, you will get a better finalized product when compared with the gluing options.

So, if you’re trying to figure out an in-between solution, then relying on this option is not that bad of an idea. You’ll have to first use a normal adhesive to patch up everything and then rely on the nylon stocking string to brace up everything. 

From there, you can use a coat of epoxy and let that cure over the night. You need to use a generous coating here, and relying on this option will serve you perfectly if the damage is not that extensive. 

Will it be a hassle? Most probably. However, you still can’t say that the reliability of this handle will match the performance from the original handle. So, instead of trying to go cheap, you need to stick with the original handle from the factory.

  1. Try 3D Printing

Now, this option might not be as popular on the market, but more and more people are relying on 3D prints. Are these prints reliable? Sometimes. Should you take the chance? Probably not.

Still, if you’re just not sold on the idea of spending cash on a new handle and want to create a custom handle yourself, then there are many models available online. You can patch up these models and then use a relevant polymer to create a suitable handle.

It will not be as fragile as some of the other options that we’ve listed here. However, can it be compared with the replacement from the official dealer? No. So, it is best to limit your experiments (unless you have too much time on your hands).

As long as you’re talking about efficiency and quality, going with the 3D printing method is not that great an idea. The only reason where you can justify this decision is when you have to create a custom handle for your personal use.

So, if you’re in the same boat and want a custom handle, then going with this option is not that bad an idea. Hopefully, you will be sorted out in the long run and won’t have to worry as much about the setup not working. 

  1. Contact Support Team

Finally, you should keep in mind that the devices from Craftsman come with a warranty service on them.

Considering this, there is a high chance that your miter saw might still have its warranty left. You can contact the support team for this brand and notify them about your problem.

They will then look into your issue and provide you with a free replacement. The brand should also be able to fix your handle even if the warranty on it is void. Although, this will cost you a labor charge along with the replacement parts.

customer support

Should You Repair It Or Replace It?

Just replace it! There is no need to go through all the hassle mentioned here. You’re much better off with the new handle and it will not cost you much. Yes, you will have to go through some hassle when it comes to securing a new handle from the official dealer.

However, this hassle is not that much when compared with all the methods or quick fixes listed here. So, just go with the replacement option.

Spending a few dollars here will serve you with a ton of utility, and you will not have to go through as much trouble when it comes to fixing the unit. 

So, don’t hesitate! Just pick up the phone and call the dealer or the official support channel. From there, you can wait for the experts to respond, and they will take charge of the situation. Just be sure to inform them of the model number and provide a valid receipt. 

From there, you can wait a bit while they verify your claim and then you’ll be getting the new handle within the same week. So, be more patient and have the experts sort you out when it comes to getting a fresh piece.

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  1. Hi, my plastic handle is so brittle every screw has cracked the female threads.. taken really good care of this saw, laser quit years ago but I can’t use it without a new handle, it’s scrap. I can’t afford another $700 saw either ty M# 137285210. I paid top $ for quality so this wouldn’t happen ! Just a poor design flaw… great saw besides the handle.


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