Husky vs Craftsman vs Kobalt – What Brand To Pick?

husky vs craftsman vs kobalt
husky vs craftsman vs kobalt

Tools are not something that you can take lightly, and you need to ensure at all times that you are picking the right tools from a brand that will suit your needs properly and that you can see a job through with them properly. There are plenty of brands out there offering all the different types of tools for you that are to be used for a wide range of applications.

Husky, Craftsman and Kobalt are three such most popular brands in the US, that have some of the widest tool inventories, and you have the liberty to choose any tool that you might need from them. That is why, if you want to compare the three of these, here are a few things that you should be knowing about.

Husky vs Craftsman vs Kobalt Brands Comparison


Husky is one of the top brands in the US, and the reason for its extreme popularity is not only the extensive durability and immense power but also that they are available easily on most of The Home Depot outlets. That way, you can easily source any Husky tools that you would like to have from your nearest Home Depot, have their spares and you can also claim the warranty from them as well. Husky is a brand that is marketed and sold by The Home Depot, but the tools are made by multiple manufacturers.

Husky tools are primarily made by Stanley Black & Decker, Western Forge, Apex Tool Group, and Iron Bridge Tools. That way, you will not only be able to ensure that you are easily sourcing all these tools, but you will also be able to have peace of mind that these tools are the perfect choice for you in terms of longevity and durability. The husky tools are the best choice for you if you want to have the perfect sense of power and control, along with tools that will last you a long time.


Craftsman is another cool brand that you can find out there in the US market for a wide range of tools. Craftsman is basically, a brand that was initially started by Sears back in 1927, and it was later acquired by Stanley Black & Decker. They have added tons of tools to the inventory and expanded the stores and dealers that are offering Craftsman tools as well, making it one of the biggest tools brands in the US. That way, you will hardly have to be worried about a single thing when it comes to sourcing these tools or sourcing the spares for them.

They are also offering some of the most durable hand tools, and with the Craftsman, you can find all the different lawn, garden equipment, tools and work gear from them that should be enough to help you out seeing the job done from scratch to finish. These tools will add the right value to your toolbox, and you can enjoy a whole great experience with them overall for all the different worksites for sure.


Kobalt is another such brand that allows you to have all the tools that you can need. Kobalt is comparatively new, and it started back in 1998. Kobalt is basically owned by American home improvement chain Lowe’s and is available widely all across North America. Kobalt tools make a perfect choice for any enthusiast who is into DIY projects or wants to get some work done on their own. For all the small-scale workers and professionals who don’t need any immense power or longer battery life, these Kobalt tools would be the perfect choice to have.

Kobalt tools make the whole experience significantly better for you to be enjoying, and you will be able to get these tools sourced at a comparatively lower price tag as well at the same time. If you want affordability, durability and the perfection of utility on all these tools, it would be the perfect choice for you to be having the Kobalt tools in the US, and you can make them work perfectly once in a while or for any applications that don’t require extensive power.

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