Can You Add Riving Knife To Craftsman Table Saw?

add riving knife to craftsman table saw
add riving knife to craftsman table saw

People all around the world understand how annoying it can be to run into problems with their equipment. Although, you can easily contact a specialist that will fix the issue for you.

The main complaints about this solution are that you will sometimes have to wait for a long time.

Additionally, the prices you have to pay for labor and replacement parts can be a lot.

This is why a lot of people like to work on their projects themselves. When it comes to these, you must have the equipment required for the job.

There is nothing more annoying than getting stuck on a project just because you don’t have the right tools for it.

Having a table saw is one of the most necessary pieces of equipment if you are someone who wants to cut hard materials.

Add Riving Knife to Craftsman Table Saw

There are tons of companies manufacturing these devices, which can confuse people when purchasing them.

The first thing that you have to look out for when purchasing a power tool for yourself is that the company you get it from is reliable.

This is where Craftsman comes in, which has a huge lineup to select from. The brand is considered to be one of the best manufacturers of these tools.

Additionally, they also have a list of equipment related to these products available at their store. You can either visit them or check out their online website.

This will help you in going through the specifications as well as features for these tools.


Considering this, you can easily purchase equipment that you are interested in while also ensuring that it will last you a long time.

The table saw from Craftsman is no doubt an amazing device that you can purchase. Although, people using older models question if it is possible to add a riving knife to their Craftsman table saw.

The short answer is not that simple. Riving knives or splitters are used on these devices to act as security gadgets. Considering this, it can be important that you have these installed on your table saw.

When it comes to riving knives, you will notice that mostly newer tables from Craftsman and other brands have these installed.

This is because the feature was recently added and is much better than splitters. However, if you have an older table saw, then there is no direct way to install these on them.

online purchase

On the other hand, you have the option to purchase splitters online as well as from several stores.

These can be installed on your own easily and will act as security gadgets. Although, the only thing that you will have to look out for is what brand you are getting these from.

This is because there are tons of companies that use lower-quality materials. Using these splitters on your table saw will make them even more dangerous than before.

Aside from this, some people might try to add riving knives to their tables by cutting them apart.

Although, this can also be quite dangerous, which is why it is better that you change your table instead.

Tons of companies provide their users with the option to upgrade their table saw’s to a newer model.


However, if you don’t have the budget, a riving knife addition to the Craftsman table is entirely possible.

You will have to keep track of a few pointers, but you can surely get through the project by adding a riving knife to your table saw. The process might be a bit complex, and you might need a bit of help.

You’ll need quite a few things to start the process that includes but are not limited to

  • Metal Sheet
  • Template
  • Metal File
  • Drill
  • Lubricant
  • Hammer
  • Cutting Blade

These were the major things that you need to keep track of when setting up a new riving knife to the table saw.

You might need a few calms and calipers to add further to the convenience of the process. However, the things mentioned above will be more than enough in most conditions.

So, once you have these things, you can move on to adjusting the template on the metal sheet and then cutting out the riving knife.

You need to be accurate and then punch holes with the drill bit or the hammer.

Missing out on any sections will create problems down the road. You need to keep track of the template and avoid inconsistencies to create a perfect replica of the riving blade.

Here you can also rely on an expert if you’re not experienced with power tools. He will make your job much easier.

ask expert

Don’t forget to rely on the metal files and the lubricants to smoothen out the process.

You might damage the sheet if it is too thin, and it is best to rely on a lubricant to cut the shape perfectly. So, be mindful of that as you’re cutting out each section.

Once the riving knife has been cut out and it is perfect for the template, you can proceed to clean it with acetone.

That will get rid of all the smudges and old finishes from the sheet if there were any. From there, you can choose to apply new paint or install it without adding any paint.

If you’re successful up to this stage, the rest is simple. You can attach the riving knife to a wooden block and fix that on your saw to avoid any wiggle.

From there, just adjust the alignment of the knife and make sure that it is perfectly aligned with the saw.

You’ll be done at this stage, and then you can test out the riving knife on your next project. One thing to keep in mind is that you will have to be attentive throughout the project.

It can be pretty demanding and dangerous for beginners. If you lose your focus, you might also lose a finger or two.

So, if you’re not that sure about adding the riving knife yourself, we suggest that you seek help from an expert.

There is no point in going through all of these methods yourself. Relying on an expert will help you speed through the issue.

From there, you will not only keep yourself on the safer end, but the efficiency of your table will also improve.

So, why not pay a few bucks and let an expert add a riving knife to your table saw? He will know how to adjust the system, and you won’t have to go through any of this hassle. 


Even if you’re short on budget, this small adjustment won’t be heavy on your budget. So, be sure to keep that in mind as you try to adjust the system.

You won’t be disappointed by this purchase, and the unit will keep working perfectly.

Wrapping Up


Want to add a riving knife to your Craftsman table saw? Well, it would be better if you could find an upgrade or get a professional to do it for you.

It is never recommended for the owners to modify their units without help from the experts. So, if you’re also unsure about the process, it is best to avoid it.

There are just too many reports of owners losing their fingers while experimenting with a table saw.

If you wish to become a part of this statistic, the best thing that you can do is to get rid of the table saw without a riving knife.

Otherwise, there is no telling when your hand will be sucked in with kickback.

However, if you have a decent experience with these units and know how to manage the machines, then going with the modification will serve you well.

It all comes down to how you’re planning on getting through the issue. All you need is a template and some tools with the metal sheet

From there, the adjustment is not that hard. It all comes down to your precision, and fixing the riving knife made from the metal sheet will serve you well.

Just make sure that there are no alignment issues, and you won’t have to struggle with the unit in the future. 

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