Duralast Tool Reviews – Worth It?

Duralast Tools Review
Duralast Tools Review

Tools for automotive repairs and maintenance are such things that you need to be particularly careful about. Since these automotive tools need to have the right precision and accuracy along with durability to make them work properly.

Otherwise, you might end up damaging some other part of the vehicle that is definitely not something you would like to be having. That is why not only do choosing the tools matter for you, but you also need to pick the right brand as well.

Duralast is one such brand that you can find if you are looking to have the tools for automotive repairs or maintenance.

They are owned by AutoZone, which has one of the largest networks of stores for automotive parts, tools, and accessories in the US, and they are definitely the right option for you.

Duralast Tool Reviews

For all the different types of auto enthusiasts, mechanics, or those who would like to work on their cars themselves, AutoZone serves as a one-stop shop.

Coming to the tools, Duralast tools are particularly great, but if you want to know a bit more about them, there are certain factors that you will have to consider. A few such things that you need to know about these tools are:

  1. Handling

You can get most of the hand tools that you need to work with the automotive repairs from Duralast, and that definitely makes you question how good the handling is for these tools since you will need to be dealing with them all day long.


You wouldn’t want your tools to be too hard on your hands or slip out to cause damage while you are applying force on these different tools that you can get. They are designed ergonomically so you can enjoy the right handling of these tools.

At the same time, these tools got perfect weight distribution, design, and size dynamics to ensure the right center of force on them while you are using these. 

All that will contribute towards enhancing the overall experience you could be getting, and with that, you can easily make them work towards any repairs that you might need to deal with.

All the tools are designed perfectly to be handled, and you will not have to face any such problems while you are using these tools on any of the vehicles you could be having.

  1. Availability


There is hardly an auto enthusiast or mechanic who hasn’t heard of AutoZone. You can find their stores all across the US, and with that, you will definitely be able to enjoy the right experience.

While shopping for any accessories that you could be looking for, you can also conveniently shop for the tools that you need to work on your vehicles.

That makes Duralast a perfect choice for you, and if you make up your mind to go for these tools, you can easily source them from AutoZone. That will get you the ease of access and service for all these tools.

  1. Durability


Durability is never going to be an issue for you to be having. You get to enjoy the perfection of the durability of these tools. The best thing is that you are getting a lifetime guarantee for all the different Duralast tools for you.

They have over 5,000 AutoZone stores across the country, and if any of these hand tools from Duralast fail to perform as expected, you can simply go to any of their stores and have them replaced.

On top of the lifetime guarantee, you will also be able to get perfection in terms of durability, and there are hardly any occasions that these tools will fail you while you are using them for any such needs you could be having.

  1. Versatility


You can find all the different tools from the Duralast tools line. From ratchets & Accessories to sockets, Hex Torque drivers to Floor Jacks, jack stands, and Engine hoists and cranes, you enjoy the best possible experience for sourcing all the different tools.

You can pick any tool that you want, and you can easily get them from the Duralast tools without facing any problems at all.

  1. Pricing

There is no debate that you can browse through some of the most phenomenal units on the market by spending a huge budget on the relevant tools.

However, that is not always the right option. You will be happy to know that the Duralast units are some of the most affordable options on the market.


While you can’t expect this brand to come with the options like craftsman and other similar units, it can still hold its own.

Some owners have also pointed out that the handling of this unit is far better than any other option that you’ll find on the market. So, it all comes down to comfort.

This brand has maintained a more affordable portfolio to make it easier for first-time owners who are just getting started with their first project. Spending thousands of dollars on a new tool is not always the right fit.

So, if you’re new to the market and not that sure about spending too much cash on your first unit, then going with this brand will serve you perfectly.

You will not regret this decision and will have the flexibility to upgrade to a better unit in the long run without worrying about the budget commitment.

  1. Maintenance

There is not a single brand on the market that can promise you amazing performance without guiding you through the proper maintenance cycle.


It is crucial for owners to educate themselves on the proper care requirements of any tool. So, you will have to give yourself some time to learn the basics here.

The good thing about Duralast tools is that you will get a simpler structure. There are no complex components involved which makes the maintenance cycle pretty easy.

Even if you’re new to the project, a few minutes will be all that you need to get the desired performance from the unit.

This will have an amazing impact on the overall performance of the unit as you try to adapt and improve the system. Moreover, you will not have to go through the hassle of getting the tools repaired or serviced from your local workshop.

So, it all comes down to the convenience that you’re aiming to realize with the purchase.

Even if you’re an expert, you will like a tool that is easy to maintain. No one wants to spend hours on end on the weekend just to go through the basic maintenance routine. 

  1. Dealer Support

customer support

Lastly, dealer support is one of the most crucial elements that every owner should consider. Spending money on a brand that doesn’t care about its customers is never a good decision.

You’ll have to rely on the dealer for the warranty and many other elements when trying to develop the complete kit. 

For this reason, Duralast has focused extensively on serving customers with the best dealer support on the market. The customer care team here is comparable to some of the more premium brands like Milwaukee and DeWalt.

Even if you’re not paying the top buck here, rest assured that you’re getting the best customer care services on the market. So, be sure to reach out to the dealer in case of any issues.

These experts will make sure that you don’t have to go through much hassle when struggling with any issue. Keeping all of these factors in mind, the Duralast tools might just be the best option that is available to you.

There is nothing better on the market when you’re talking about the best value-for-money products. So, be sure to try out these tools if you’re short on budget and need a robust option.

Wrapping Up

final thoughts

The specifics on the Duralast toolset should help you figure out whether or not this brand is suitable for your needs.

This brand is positioned more like an affordable fix where owners don’t have to spend a huge amount of money but still get a decent response from the unit.

While this brand can’t keep up with some of the most high-end units from DeWalt and Milwaukee, that doesn’t mean that it is bad across all metrics.

According to the owners, the performance of this unit far exceeds these brands in terms of handling and comfortability


So, if you’re new to the market and don’t know which tool set to start with, going with the Duralast options will help you develop just the right fit for your project.

It all comes down to the basic requirements of the project, and there is no such thing as one perfect brand for every owner.

For this reason, you will have to test out the brand yourself. No one can say that one brand is superior to another for your use, and it comes down to your preferences.

So, be sure to test out this brand, and you might just like the performance brought forward by these tools.

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