Worx Cordless Pole Saw Review – Durable?

Worx Cordless Pole Saw Review
Worx Cordless Pole Saw Review

Pole saws are tools that have a long pole or handle which is equipped with a saw blade. These can be used to cut through most materials, but the main use for the tool is trying to cut objects that are beyond arm’s reach. When it comes to this, you should understand that the power tool can be used instead of trying to make additional space or using ladders to climb areas that are too high up.

If you are interested in purchasing the power tool, then it can be important that you first find a brand that is known for manufacturing reliable pole saws. Worx is among some of the top choices that people decide to go for, but some users feel hesitant trying to purchase from them. This is why we will use this article to provide you with a review of the Worx cordless pole saw. Going through it should help you in understanding all of its features as well as deciding if the tool is worth your use or not.

Worx Cordless Pole Saw Review

The cordless Worx pole saw is one of the latest lineups that has recently come out from the brand. The company usually released tools that had high power ratings, but these required electrical outlets to function. However, the Worx cordless pole saw is equipped with powerful lithium-ion batteries that can keep the device running for a long time. These batteries have been reported to die out within 2 hours if you keep the tool running. This can be quite annoying for some people, but you can easily fix the issue by carrying additional charged batteries with you. Simply swap these out in case the old ones run out.

When purchasing the cordless pole saw, people are provided with two different options that they can choose from. One of these includes the power tool itself along with its battery. This is the cheapest package that you can get, and it is recommended for users that have already been using tools from Worx. This is because the charger has to be bought separately if you decide to go with this kit. On the other hand, the second option that you can go with includes the tool, its battery, as well as a charger that can be used. This is much better, and you also get different blades that can be used on your tool.

The tool weighs around 10 pounds which makes it quite light and ensures that people can carry it around with them no matter where they go. The chain speed is rated around 12 SFT/S which is quite high for a tool like this. Though, people also have the option to switch between different speed configurations. This can be amazing but there are also some problems that you can run into with this feature. The lower speed ratings are for delicate materials. Selecting the proper speed can help your tool in lasting a long time and ensuring that it does not get damaged.

The tension on the chain can also be adjusted depending on the materials you are working with. Though, people should understand that tools like these also have tons of maintenance steps that should be kept in mind. If you notice that your cordless pole saw starts slowing down, then open it up and remove the dust gathering inside it. In most cases, the tool can gather debris when slicing through wood, which results in clogging its motor. You can clean these parts up and then lubricate them to ensure a smooth performance. Worx has also implemented tons of features to keep its tool stable.

These include the rubber grips that can be held for better stability as well as the durable materials used when manufacturing it. The cordless pole saw from Worx is easily one of the best power tools that you can get. If you are looking for a device like this, then the tool from Worx should be one of your top choices. In case you still have any questions regarding the device in your mind, you should contact the support team for Worx. They should look into your queries and provide you with all the information required about their devices.

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