Worx Reciprocating Saw Review – Buy It Or Drop It?

Worx Reciprocating Saw Review
Worx Reciprocating Saw Review

Reciprocating saws are tools that are great for slicing through durable materials. The devices have a blade that rotates at high RPMs to ensure that it can easily cut any material you are working with. While these tools save people a lot of time and effort, some additional things should be noted. When purchasing a reciprocating tool, people should first find a brand that is known for manufacturing reliable tools. Talking about this, Worx is known for designing and manufacturing some of the best power tools for its users.

The reciprocating blade from them comes with tons of features that can be quite useful. Though, some users feel hesitant when trying to purchase this device. If you are one of them then going through this article should help you out. This is because we will be providing you with a review on the Worx reciprocating saw along with information that should help you in deciding if the tool is worth it or not.

Worx Reciprocating Saw Review

The Worx reciprocating saw is one of the most popular tools that people can purchase. The main reason why the product is being sold all around the world is because of its unique features. People should note that the tool comes with a push button that can be used to swap between two different modes. This allows people to convert their reciprocating saw to a jig saw instead which can be amazing. Having a two-in-one tool is great as most of the features on this device work in correlation with each other. The process required to switch between the modes also takes a few seconds which makes it even better.

Aside from the amazing feature, the next great thing about the tool is its power source. While most powerful tools like these run with corded wires, Worx has come up with a way to deliver the power ratings through batteries. This is done by using lithium-ion batteries that are known for their quick charge. Though another great thing about them is how efficiently they utilize their power. This allows the tool to power up for long hours without requiring any charge. People can easily complete most of their tasks without ever having to worry about their battery running low.

Though, there have also been some instances where users reported low battery life. If you are someone who requires the power tool for long durations, then one simple solution that you can go with is carrying several batteries with you. Make sure that all of these are charged so that you can easily swap them out when one of them dies out. The charger also allows people to charge two batteries at the same time which makes carrying several batteries quite efficient. You should note that the standard tool kit only comes with the battery and power tool.

If you are looking for the charger as well then, the second kit can be bought that is slightly higher in price. This is a better option for people who did not already have the charger with them. The great thing is that you can charge any 12V or 20V lithium-ion battery using this charger. It also comes with a LED light that indicates when the batteries have been charged. Make sure that you don’t let the batteries or chargers overheat as this can cause tons of issues. If the problem appears then you should leave the devices to cool down and keep them away from moisture.

Aside from all of this, the high RPMs on the reciprocating saw can be amazing to work with. The tool is also equipped with handles that can help in keeping it stable. Though, one more useful feature is that you can alter the speed ratings on the saw. This allows people to work on different tasks using the same tool. Depending on the materials that you are working on, there are tons of cases where a lower speed might be preferred. You can simply switch the speed ratings by accessing the sliders on your saw.

Now that you understand all this, deciding if the reciprocating saw from Worx is worth it or not should be quite easy. If you still have questions in mind then contact the support team for this brand to help you out.

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