Worx Multi Sander Review – Worth The Money?

Worx Multi Sander Review
Worx Multi Sander Review

Multi-sanders are compact power tools that usually come in a compact frame. The tools can be used to sand, polish, or even flatten out different surfaces. The materials that you can work with usually depend on the tool that you have as well as the type of sanding pad it has equipped. This is why it is important that you understand both, how to control the tool and the types of sanding pads that should be installed on it. The company that you decide to get your device from can also play a huge role in its performance.

This is because most of the features on your multi-sander will be from the brand you purchase it from. Worx has recently come up with an amazing tool that has been gaining a lot of popularity. While this is a great choice for most users, you will notice that there are also people that might feel hesitant to purchase it. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a review on the Worx multi sander. Going through the information provided should help you in deciding if the device is worth it or not.

Worx Multi Sander Review

The multi-sander from Worx is a powerful 20V tool that comes with numerous features. The 5-in-1 sander is battery powered which means that it can be easily carried around no matter where you go. The small size and light weight of the tool make carrying it around even better. Though, you should note that the power ratings on this device are a much more important factor to keep in mind. The 20V is easily enough to complete most tasks without any issues. However, as mentioned above, the sanding pad that you have equipped on your tool can play a huge role in its performance.

This is where the kit options for this tool come in. The great thing about Worx is that all of their lineups have interchangeable batteries. This means that if you have already been using tools from Worx then there is a high chance that you already have the charger and batteries for the device. Considering this, people can purchase the tool separately which helps in saving a lot of money. On the other hand, if this is your first time getting a tool from Worx then you can purchase the kit for your multi-sander. This comes with the tool itself, a charger, a battery, as well as several accessories for the device.

These include sanding pads that can be swapped out depending on the materials you are working with. Moreover, a storage case that you can keep your sander in along with all of its attachments. Getting to the batteries on the Worx multi-sander, people should understand that these can last users a long time if used efficiently. But if you are someone who has to keep the tool running constantly then the batteries can die out within a few hours. In this case, you should keep several batteries with you. The dead ones can be swapped out with the charged ones while you can leave the rest to charge meanwhile.

The Hyperlock system on the tool keeps the pad tightly installed but you can easily release it with the push of a single button. This is not only great for holding the pads in place but also makes it quite simple to swap them out. Several configuration options can be selected when using the power tool. All of these have different voltage ratings as well as power so that you can also lower the speed in case you are working with delicate materials. This not only makes the tool versatile but also helps the battery in lasting a longer time. The orbital radius on the device helps in keeping debris away from it.

The dust created when using powerful tools like these is one of the most annoying things that people have to deal with. As long as you ensure that the debris does not enter your tool, tons of problems can be avoided. This is why make sure that you clean the power tool after you are done using it. Lubricating its motor frequently can help it in lasting you a much longer time while also running smoothly.

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