Milwaukee Fuel Circular Saw 7 1/4 Problems – 3 Fixes


Milwaukee is the brand that you need to choose if you are looking to get your hands on the best products and tools that are not only cost-efficient and affordable but they are also going to get you the right edge of perfection in terms of getting the seamless experience that you will need to have while making these tools work for any sort of needs that you might be having. Not only these are some of the most pocket-friendly tools that you can get, but there is a lot more on these tools such as easy sourcing of parts and getting access to a network of dealers for easy servicing and repairs.

Milwaukee Fuel Circular Saw 7 1/4 is one such saw that is designed to have the right power that anyone is going to need for all the different sorts of cutting jobs without having to worry about the power source. You don’t need an electric outlet to make the saw work since it gets you the easy application with batteries and all you need to have is battery charging to make this saw work for all the different applications you might have on your mind. A few common issues are there as well, that you might have to face, and some of them are:

Milwaukee Fuel Circular Saw 7 1/4 Problems

1. Stops Spinning

One of the most common problems that you will come across while using the Milwaukee Fuel Circular Saw 7 ¼ is that it might stop spinning out of nowhere and you will find yourself to be in a fix without it. That is something that you will particularly need to be careful about since that could be caused due to several factors and you will need to check on all of them to ensure a smoother working experience.

The main reason could be your workpiece pinching the blade on your circular saw and that is most commonly caused when your circular saw blade is getting dull. S, you will need to have the blade sharpened up, or it would be even better if you could get it fixed up properly by having the blade replaced and that should be getting the job done for you in the right manner. If the blade is fine, you will need to check the battery health and charging and ensure that the battery has the right power on it that is required by your circular saw to be working in the right manner.

2. Motor Problems

The Circular Saw from Milwaukee uses a brushed motor and we are all familiar with the issues carbon brush motors have. It needs a bit more maintenance than the regular induction motors and that is something you will need to be particularly careful about while you are making the saw work for any of the needs you might be having. That is why, you will need to ensure that you are keeping the brushes cleaned up, and clearing out any carbon that is accumulated from the brushes.

Not only that, but at times you might have to get the brushes replaced if they are worn out over a certain level since without that they will not be able to rotate the motor and that could be a major problem for you while making the circular saw work for any of the needs you could be having with it.

3. Battery Auto Discharge

You will also need to be careful about another major problem that is caused due by some problem with the batteries. That will cause your batteries to be drained automatically even while not in use and that could be getting you a certain inconvenience when you have to use the Circular saw for any of the needs you could be having.

To make it work, you need to keep the battery separate from your circular saw and see if it is discharging overnight like that as well. If the battery doesn’t discharge, there is some short circuit on the saw that you need to have fixed. However, if the battery is drained even when not installed on the circular saw, you will need to ensure that you are getting the battery replaced with a new one and that should fix it up for you.

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