Metabo Battery Not Charging? Try These 3 Fixes

Metabo Battery Not Charging
Metabo Battery Not Charging

Metabo Power Tools is a famous brand that was previously known as Hitachi. The company has been manufacturing power tools that are aimed at professionals. This is why most of these devices are equipped with powerful motors that can output high power using minimal current. Overall, the power tools from the brand are amazing and equipped with unique features. However, the most famous lineup of the company is its cordless tools.

These are all equipped with a lithium-ion battery that is capable of lasting a long time without any issues. The battery can also charge quickly which makes it amazing. However, you should note that some people have also reported getting problems with it. A common issue reported is that the Metabo battery is not charging. If you are getting the same problem, then going through this article should help you in understanding how it can be dealt with.

Metabo Battery Not Charging

  1. Check The Charger Being Used

The first thing that people should check when running into a problem like this is the charger they are using. The company provides two different types of chargers that include the standard variants as well as the fast chargers. Users have to select between these two carefully as if you have the standard charger then it can take several hours to charge the battery.

On the other hand, if you have a fast charger then it can charge the batteries within a few minutes. Keeping this in mind some people often get confused between the two chargers and think that their tool is not charging. Whereas the only issue is with the battery charging too slowly. You can simply purchase the fast charger instead to fix your issue.

  1. Battery Might Be Overheating

If you are trying to charge the battery right after it has died, then it might be overheating. This can happen when you have been using it for a long time constantly. Metabo has a security feature that prevents the battery from charging while it is in this state.

This is to ensure that the battery does not get damaged and so that it can last you a long time. Simply waiting for a few minutes should allow the battery to cool down so that it can be charged after it. Keep in mind that the charger overheating can also cause the same issue, so you should let both of these cool down.

  1. Battery Might Be Faulty

With time lithium-ion batteries can start to lose their charge on them. These will eventually die out and require you to replace them with a new one. Considering this, if you have been using your battery for a long time then it might require a replacement.

Doing so should ensure that your problem is dealt with. On the other hand, if your battery was new then there might be something wrong with your charger. Take both the battery and charger to your nearest Metabo outlet and get these checked. If there is anything wrong with them then the support team should help you out.

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