How To Put Skil Circular Saw Back In Case? (4 Easy Steps)

How To Put Skil Circular Saw Back In Case
How To Put Skil Circular Saw Back In Case

Skil circular saw is a powerful tool that comes with tons of features. The device is equipped with a motor that uses 15 amps to push out 5300 RPM allowing it to slice through most materials without breaking a sweat. Another great feature of the power tool is its laser beam that makes a straight line on the surface you are aiming it at. This can help in getting an accurate reading of where the cut will be made and how thick it is going to be.

People can use this feature to make detailed cuts while avoiding tons of issues. Other than this, the power tool also comes with a case that it can be stored in once people are done using it. When it comes to this, some users ask how to put the circular saw back in its case. If you are getting the same issue with your device, then going through this article should help you out.

How To Put Skil Circular Saw Back In Case?

When trying to place your Skil circular saw back in its case, people often realize that the device does not fit back inside it. This is because there are tons of changes that users might have made while they were using the power tool. This includes changing the length of its blade as well as installing additional accessories. Hence, if you are also getting the same problem then following the steps mentioned below should help you out.

  1. Start by removing the battery on your circular saw if it is a cordless variant. This has to be placed along the power tool instead of it being installed inside the device. If you have a wired variant, then simply wrap the power cable, and lock it with a zip tie if required.
  2. The next thing people have to do is set their blade at its shallowest setting. This might seem confusing at first, but you should note that the case is designed to perfectly fit the power tool at a specific setting that is how it first came.
  3. People will now notice that there are two sides of the case out of which one has the logo for Skil imprinted on it. Grab your circular saw and place it on the opposite side of the case that has a small circular latch on it.
  4. Pressing the device on top of it should lock it in place and people can then continue to store their additional accessories inside the box. Finally, close the case and lock its latches to keep the power tool tightly locked in place.

Following the steps mentioned above should help people in putting their Skil circular saw back in its case. Keep in mind that the process is quite easy but trying to figure out the exact position where the device should be placed can be technical. As long as you follow the steps provided carefully, the process should only take you a few minutes at most. People can also watch a tutorial on this if they are still running into the same problem as before.

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