How To Change Blade On Worx Saw? (In 7 Steps)

How To Change Blade On Worx Saw
How To Change Blade On Worx Saw

The Worx saw is an amazing tool that is capable of slicing through most objects without breaking a sweat. The tool is mostly used by professionals to complete woodworking tasks, but it can also be used at your home. One of the great things about this saw is how durable it is. The tool can also remain stable when working with most materials which makes it amazing. Though, you should note that the type of blade being used plays a huge role in its performance.

These should mostly be selected depending on the materials you are slicing through. As long as you keep the correct blade installed, tons of problems can be avoided. Talking about this, people have recently been asking the question “How to change the blade on Worx Saw?”. If you have the same query in your mind, then going through this article should help you in understanding how it can be done. Just make sure that you follow the steps provided carefully to avoid further issues.

How To Change Blade On Worx Saw?

If you are simply wondering if changing the blade on the Worx saw is even possible or not then the answer is “yes, you can easily swap the blade out whenever you want to”. Now that you understand this, it can be important that already have the blade that you want to replace your older one with.

Leaving the tool without its blade can be quite dangerous as the internal parts become exposed. These can catch debris that collects inside the tool and the moving parts can also catch rust. To prevent all this, make sure that you already have your new blade with you. People can then go through the steps provided below to change the blade on their Worx saw.

  1. Start by switching off your power tool by removing its cable from the outlet.
  2. Leaving the tool for about 10 minutes should ensure that it has no electrical current inside it.
  3. You can now proceed to press the red spindle lock button on your saw. This should be behind the housing of your blade.
  4. People can then find an allen key that holds the blade in place, and then rotate it to remove the nut. This might take some time, but you should be able to understand how the hex screw can be taken off.
  5. Once done, people can then proceed to remove the outer flange and blade bolt from their Worx saw. Doing so should release the blade from its chuck system.
  6. You can now carefully take off the older blade and swap it out with the new one.
  7. Make sure that you install all the nuts back in and then tighten them to avoid problems later on.

The steps provided above are enough to replace or change the blade from your Worx saw. The only reason people find this method difficult is because it no longer uses a key. However, instead of it you still have to keep an allen key with you at all times.

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